a few quick facts about Waterleaf.

  • What are the HOA assessments?

    Waterleaf HOA assessments are $215.21 per quarter.

    Assessments are due at the beginning of each quarter, and payments can be made by logging into your account at this link.

    If you do not know your account information, please reach out to a member of Breeze and we are happy to assist you!

  • What is ULTRAFi?

    ULTRAFi is high-speed internet and cable TV bundled package, included in your quarterly HOA assessments. To learn more about ULTRAFi click here.

  • What is an HOA?

    Homeowner association (HOAs) are organizations which deal with the upkeep of a neighborhood’s common areas and establish standards of acceptable behavior for a community. HOAs are run by a board, which is typically made up of volunteers elected by their homeowners. The board may have officers, with the most common roles being secretary, treasurer, vice-president and president. HOA board meeting typically follow formal rules and set agendas. Some matter may need a vote by all the HOA members to decide, while others only require a vote of the board, depending on how it is structured.

  • What is a CDD?

    A CDD, or Community Development District, is a local unit of special-purpose government, established by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statute. CDDs do not have any regulatory powers as a county or city does. Instead, these zones are backed by a special-purpose bond that is established by the community’s developer. CDDs are a cost-effective way of financing the development of a new community’s services and initial infrastructures, like sewers, roads, water supply, grading, utilities, and recreational amenities.

  • How do I get access to the amenity center?

    By completing the amenity registration form, you can gain access to the gates and amenity center. Complete the form at this link.

  • How do I ensure I am in compliance with the community guidelines?

    You can review any existing compliance items by logging into your account by clicking this link. Once you've logged into your account, choose the "compliance" button at the top of your screen.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding your compliance status, please contact Breeze! Waterleaf@BreezeHome.com or 813-565-HOME